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Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Fund

The product name Shenzhen city of the wealth issue of investment fund partnership (limited partnership)
The partnership Limited partnership fund Product deadline 1+1year
The administrator Shenzhen qianhai guogou equity fund management co., LTD.  Allocation  1 million, increasing by 100000 yuan integer times       
Use of funds

1. Investment has the value"shell" of the equity of listed companies, to become majorshareholders of listed companies, leading to implement the material assetsreorganization, mergers and acquisitions have the popular concept ofhigh-quality companies, boost the market value of listed companies;

2.High quality enterprise investment hot industry co, coordinated implementationof mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, flexible use of seo, agreementtransfer, big deals, secondary market investment tools, ultimately achieve thegoal of funds earn excess profit.                                                  
To raise bank CEB
Income distribution 1 million≤Investment amount≤3million Basic earnings forecast:8%/year
If the fund total revenue more than 8% per year, LP won more than 8% of 40%;
Investment amount≥3.1 million Basic earnings expectations: 9% a year
If the fund total revenue more than 9% per year, LP won more than 9% of 40%;
Risk control 1, professional fund managers responsible for overall project selection, decision-making and operations, the active project, control the whole process;
2, structured design: the fund managers paid 15% and raise 15% share common level as the fund after the bad, a limited partner investment amount as a priority, the priority of rights;
3, due share repurchase: if a limited partner assigned to basic income earnings below expectations, the manager will perform the repurchase agreements, in order to ensure a limited partner of the principal safety and expected return.


Advanced means of investment

Master by direct investment in the listed company equity merger and acquisition of the initiative, to popular conceptions of high-quality assets into listed companies have market, funds hold shares of listed companies, realize significant value-added assets.

High quality targets

(1) the target enterprise itself is a popular, sought after by the capital market;
(2) have good market, the business was high growth, rapid development, the indicators have excellent core value, market value for injection management and asset appreciation each link provides a good foundation;
(3) the manager has some control for some investment target, funds do not need to go through the lengthy process of looking for mark and negotiation, and indirectly promote safety and profitability.


Considerable return on investment

Hold shares of listed companies, listed companies by injecting assets business and popular concept, through reasonable market value management further push up the share price, premium, the assets of investors to get considerable returns.

Flexible exit mechanism

After the acquisition of listed companies which take a tradable shares of listed companies, can be realized through the secondary market exit. 

The safety of the good
(1) the target itself high quality to provide a stable investment security conditions. Managers have a strong grip on target, coordinate more smoothly, uncontrolled link sharply reduce, investment success rate and efficiency more secure;
(2) the equity for funds, assets in the hand is completely determined by the fund disposition and timing;
(3) in listed companies, the secondary market exit, a variety of exit for other channels such as mergers and acquisitions, guarantee the fund flexible exit.


Investment strategy

  • 1, choose undervalued acquisition targets, low investment cost, obtain larger equity value-added benefits.
    2, choose with restructuring potential acquisition target, for special into opportunities and restructuring, capital premium income.
    3, choose public and has the good assets of listed companies as targets, improve asset liquidity.
    4, using the parallel combination of financing, mergers and acquisitions financing to reduce costs, improve the level of earnings, effective control of risks.