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The product name Shenzhen Chinese industrial issue of investment fund partnership 
The partnership Fixed income class Product deadline A kind of 6 months, B class 12 months 
The administrator Shenzhen qianhai guogou equity fund management co., LTD.  The legal adviser Dacheng Law Offices        
Use of funds Money is mainly used for investment bank acceptance business                                 To raise bank CEB
Income distribution Investment quota A class B class
300000≤Subscription amount≤500000 10% 11% 
600000≤认购金额≤1 million 11% 12% 
More than 1.1 million 12% 13% 

Risk control 1, the structured design
Preferred carrier 4:1 ratio, after investors that a limited partner (LP) subscribed 80% fund share as a priority investment, a general partner (GP) subscribed 20% level after the fund share as a bad investment, for the investors of the principal and income security.
2, managers to buy back
Fund managers and investors signed repurchase agreements, further for investors to provide safe access to investment principal and earnings of the exit.
3, paper review platform
Funds in the center of the bank notes subscribe, transfer paper, bank is responsible for the review to identify the authenticity of bills.
4, management after investment
Periodically release funds to invest in a half annual report and annual report, investors can hold the partnership agreement and valid credentials to query the purchase fund investment in detail.


The safety of investment mark

Underlying asset for inter-bank financial tools, portfolio, managers according to the market adjustment of investment strategy, the asset liquidity and confirming capability is strong, has the characteristics to guarantee the stability of product profits.

High yield

As security advantages on the market of paper funds, other funds 1% ~ 3% yields higher than the market. 



The quarterly income distribution, cycle short, strong cashability, funds can be fully used.

Perfect the risk control measures

Funds structured design, bank unconditional acceptance, professional management team to track, escrow, four risk control is the escort investors money.