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The product name Quantitative Hedge FOF
The partnership limited partnership Product deadline 1 year
The administrator Shenzhen qianhai guogou equity fund management co., LTD.  Allocation  Basic earnings expectations + floating earnings
Use of funds Public offering or private well-known quantitative hedge fund products, including to cicc quantitative hedge fund proportion is 3-72%. To raise bank CEB
Income distribution 1, 30-1 million yuan: expected basic income 8% / year; If the income of more than 8% per year, up 40% of the investors to extract more than 8%;
Basic expected return on 
2, 110-3 million yuan, 9% per year; If the income of more than 9% per year, up 50% of the investors to extract more than 9%;
More than 
3, 3.1 million yuan, is expected to basic income 10% / year; If the income of more than 10% per year, up 60% of the investors to extract more than 10%;
Risk control 1More than 1, the investment in 'situation and quality of quantitative hedge funds, disperse investment risk, smooth performance, make profit more robust;
2, fund operation by a professional team, the bank's risk control standard screening child fund, each child fund, set up independent line and stop line;
3, the fund management core team mainly comes from the investment community's top financial institutions, investment style is moderate, past performance is excellent;
4, fund manager promise to investors the principal and basic earnings expectations due to review.

Investment Lights

1, the 'manager as a professional investor, know about the funds and the market comparison, relative to ordinary investor have more professional base selection ability.   

2 ,combined diversification methods, generally will only configuration more different investment strategy (smaller) correlation of fund to diversify risk, thus smoothing earnings volatility, let more robust earnings performance. 


3, for those who have high capital investment threshold or only accept institutional clients scarce quality quantitative hedge fund, has obvious advantages in 'managers as institutional investors.

Product Structure

Risk control measures

  • Risk control has two aspects, and performed by two completely independent department.

     the first level is a trading and strategy level
    The level of risk control system is done automatically by the electronic system, can real-time monitoring combination of market risk and compliance requirements. If there is no more than the market risk in advance of the cordon, normal trading, will not reduce speed; Once the market risk more than a cordon of the trend, warning immediately, ensure the safety of the account. Strategy in the operation of the firm in the past, never more than maximum exposure to alert
     the second level is management level
    The level of risk control is made up of a and investment transactions done completely independent risk control

Funds to buy process