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Last year, the global fund, a "gold" Almost a third

DATE:2016-04-01 FROM:The China securities journal AUTHOR:guoguo HITS:

Morning star 22 independent investment research institutions, according to the latest report released last year a total of 949 billion dollars money into mutual funds and exchange traded products (ETPs), from 2014, $1.4 trillion into the scale plunged by almost a third. 
From the area, the scale of the fund net inflows last year for $263 billion, fell 55% from a year earlier; The strongest growth of the Asian market inflows last year rose 18.6% from a year earlier. From the point of categories, global equity funds attracted $305 billion net inflows last year, a 36% decline in 2014, but still "gold" ability is the strongest fund type, followed by the configuration funds, $171 billion in capital inflows, fixed income fund net inflows of $132 billion, came in third. 
Morningstar, senior market analyst, said Mr Lamy differentiation of monetary policy in the us and Europe, global economic growth, the influence of the slump in commodity prices, global market uncertainty in 2015 rose, so inflows dropped significantly from a year earlier. Due to the global market is generally negative earnings, the global fund, the overall assets dropped last year. 
Report also showed that at the end of last year the global exchange traded products (ETPs) total nearly $3 trillion, including stock class ETPs accounted for the highest.