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Deer says the funding gap in 300 million yuan Investors lack of confidence

DATE:2016-04-01 FROM:China JingJiWang AUTHOR:guoguo HITS:

Late March 31, deer goods line the latest announcement, said after the emergency communication with fast deer group communication learned that the funding gap in 300 million yuan. And said fast deer group has a clear commitment, will provide a total value of not less than $3 billion in assets, as a customer payment mortgage guarantee, and recently added guarantee agreement with related customers. 
Investors have invested 200000 yuan according to see confidence after announcement, said "only money on hand." 
Deer goods line announcement about recent payment time adjustment 
The 2016-03-31 golden deer 
Dear deer goods the customer: 
You are good! 
Since late January of this year, deer goods line forced into a field for more than 60 days of the involved in the movie "IP man 3" public opinion. Since the crisis, the company from top to bottom solidarity, to ensure that the customer's interests as the primary mission, fighting side by side, strive to weather the storm. 
Since March 25, however, we have some customer information product expires, failed to timely payment of the situation, for the emergency to related customers cause worry and concern, we apologize, and ask the customer understanding. 
Today, affected by the ulterior motives of inciting public opinion, and constantly have a customer focus to our headquarters ask and understand related payment situation, in view of this, our clients are doubts and questions, make a unified announcement is as follows: 
1, at present, in many products, we recommend some deer and Shanghai fast investment group (hereinafter referred to as the "fast deer group") cooperation products, through strict screening and our subsequent receivable tracking, found part of the problem of insufficient liquidity. For this sudden event, we have emergency communication and fast deer group, at present, the funding gap in 300 million yuan. 
Line 2, the golden deer money now will suspend payment, and will be in a week, explaining to all in account customer issue the payment situation. Among them, we will to customers may be delayed payment, provide a clear plan of redemption. In the period of deferred, at the same time, we will continue to pay a certain percentage of the interest to the customer, until payment is complete. 
3, fast deer group has a clear commitment, will provide a total value of not less than $3 billion in assets, as the customer payment mortgage guarantee, and recently added guarantee agreement with related customers, ensure the clients' interests. At the same time, golden deer financial commitments, will be jointly and severally liable. 
4, we will face the media press conference held recently, the actual operating conditions will be the golden deer, problems and solutions in detail to the society and the public for the public. 
Since January related events, deer lines have been under huge pressure of public opinion. Unstable emotions, but at present a lot of clients may cause chain of irrational run, this for any a powerful financial institutions are difficult to bear and sustain. At present, the intense emotions customers has caused serious influence on our daily work, but also our effort to protect customer interests follow-up work. In view of this, we sincerely hope and keep a rational attitude to obtain the general customers, and keep active communication with our planner. 
We have with all the city's leaders of relevant government departments with the active communication and reporting, and pledged to "maintain social stability" as a priority, not add extra burden to the government. Relevant department leaders also take the initiative to report to our company and the positive attitude to solve the problem of recognition and affirmation. 
In the current emergency, deer wealth once again express our sincere apologies to clients. At the same time, the golden deer goods solemnly promises: will continue to dutifully to do a good job of debt collection service and the receivable tracking all customer, until to ensure perfect to solve all problems. Hope the media to exercise restraint, to guide the public rational treatment, avoid to cause more misunderstanding; Also kindly continue to give our customers support and trust!