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HOME LINK continuous arguments to avoid capital flow to the industry: the brief

DATE:2016-04-01 FROM:China JingJiWang AUTHOR:guoguo HITS:

HOME LINK argue "guarantee" instead of white 
Because of Revelations about the illegal conduct financial business, HOME LINK once falling in public opinion. Recently, HOME LINK public apology and successive response to the question, a focus on capital depository way, since the guarantee of the closed loop mode, financing suspected of pool, "down payment" loan deposit such as high leverage for the clarification. However, in the industry point of view, HOME LINK response is easy too. 
Continuous arguments avoided money flows 
It is understood that HOME LINK financial products mainly include regulatory capital platform via "room" and continues the P2P business "HOME LINK finance" two platforms. March 1 HOME LINK public response to the question, for the first time said never touch regulatory red line. Two platform for the industry proposed through self-built pools of capital and capital flow to the unknown, HOME LINK said the fund depository process by the central bank set up a third-party payment of deposit mechanism restriction, the enterprise has no right to also can't to misappropriate the funds. On March 2, HOME LINK group chairman ZuoHui public statement again, investors and borrowers paid in capital is easy to open the independent fund management accounts, cover tube in the bank, each transaction is carried out in accordance with the one-to-one relationship between transfer, HOME LINK financing platform can not directly touch money. 
According to melt the guarantee letter in problem, HOME LINK responds, "HOME LINK finance" membership HOME LINK network technology (Beijing) co., LTD. And for HOME LINK financial investors do guarantee letter of Beijing melts guarantee co., LTD., is an independent legal person, by the different regulatory system controls, does not involve the guarantee. 
HOME LINK successive day public response to question, to show that every business compliance with regulatory requirements, but the personage inside course of study points out, HOME LINK reply is easy too. Centaline property, chief analyst at da-wei zhang said, "Richard room tong" just should be regulated, not sure regulation, and docking of letter is the pool. In the question of the market buyers and sellers are forced to accept the letter capital regulation exists no mention. 
E-house research institute, a think-tank center research director YanYueJin also pointed out that HOME LINK to the explanation of the problem focuses on this kind of business is in financial regulation through argument level, actually does not explain the flow of funds in the process of actual operation problem, and this is precisely the key to the problem. 
Dangerous down payment loans 
It is worth noting that, in a second straight day of public response to whether have aptitude provide loans to home buyers, and the "down payment" loan problems in highly leveraged, HOME LINK did not response. 
Yesterday, reply HOME LINK Beijing business newspaper reporter pointed out that "leverage" used in the stock market information for otc, and HOME LINK with investors, HOME LINK financial platform more than 90% of the business is to do the cash flow in the process of trading. Now "down payment" loan rate of 0.66% per month, service charge 0.43% per month, will not increase the burden on home buyers. 
But it is still in doubt. Da-wei zhang pointed out that on the issue of the down payment loans, in HOME LINK finance website is down payment loans are about 25% of the amount of 18 billion yuan, 4.5 billion yuan, while ZuoHui said only 300 million heads of state to pay the loans. In addition, tired, plus service charge, the real interest rate is more than 24%, exceeding the standards set by the current national usury. 
The lever on the lever 
Is not optimistic, in HOME LINK Revelations, the multiple agencies were alleged violations, think like "down payment" loan products in the industry. With strategy consulting research department director zhang hongwei is considered, the housing market, there are more and more "down payment" loan products, related loan funds available for down payments. These products are mainly established by the Internet platform for the financial, real estate intermediary of small loan companies, etc, and even have a bank is involved, can be used for a down payment of loan granted to the person that buy a house in a disguised form. In this way, the real estate market to strengthen the lever, buyers can be done on a down payment "over the counter with capital into the real estate market ahead of time, under the auspices of the even part of investors to seize the opportunity, will with very few money move enormous leverage, so they are constantly property speculation by all means, eventually prompted" panic buying "and" disc "mount. 
HOME LINK storm also again raises a P2P platform regulatory problems. According to network home loan, according to the current industry nearly 30 P2P platform only signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the bank accounts for only 1.2% of the total industry. Zero one Li Yaodong said, research director of finance and economics put HOME LINK in P2P area, its degree of compliance is not low, show the P2P industry. A mess Should be a wake-up call for the industry, it is necessary to further strengthen supervision and promote the implementation of the related policy.