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The listed company "must" to see results West water don't sell cement shares sell insurance

DATE:2016-04-01 FROM:China JingJiWang AUTHOR:guoguo HITS:

So far, this year has more than 10 listed companies announced plans in the insurance company 
Appearance gradually along with the annual reports of listed companies, some radical transformation to the insurance company or insurance should be brought into the important business management situation of listed company of the plates surface. 
In 2015, for example, west water shares (600291) net profit year-on-year growth of 108.65%, day mau group (000627) net profit up 194.99% from a year earlier. Net profit of the two companies are to realize double sharp growth, reflect the listed companies involved in the insurance industry to improve the financial statements have been preliminary work. And traditional insurance company operating in 2015 have also made very good results. This year, listed companies steps or further speed up the layout the insurance industry. 
Insurance tribute statements of listed companies 
For west water shares of listed companies in 2015, a year is very special, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit rose by 108.65%. This beautiful beautiful transcripts mainly comes from the thorough transformation. 
On November 25, 2015, west water shares and pay cash purchase of assets through issuing shares and raising matching funds obtained through conditionally, successfully through the assets reorganization from the traditional industry into the insurance industry enterprises. After completion of the transaction, west tianan insurance shares held 50.87% stake in water. 
Shares in 2015, west water business mainly concentrated in tianan insurance subsidiary, its another subsidiary baotou west water cement production, the business is suspended phase, two other new subsidiary has not yet to start a new business. Tianan insurance premiums grew by 15.6% in 2015, the company the premium market share is 1.5%, the tenth member of the property insurance company. From its total assets at the end of 2014 the rapid growth of 45.44 billion yuan to 2015 yuan at the end of 2015, a joint fourth place among the property insurance company; Net worth 6.63 billion yuan at the end of growth from 2014 to 12.7 billion yuan at the end of 2015. 
Into the insurance industry listed company day another mau group also achieved net profit growth in 2015. Annual report data show that in 2015, its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 247 million yuan, increased by 194.99%. Although the insurance business is just one part of the day MAO group business, but guohua life net impact on day mau group net profit has reached more than 10%. In 2015, guohua life obtains the operating income of about 29.415 billion yuan, operating profit of about 1.641 billion yuan, net profit of about 1.649 billion yuan. At the end of 2015, the total assets of about 65% year-on-year growth, net worth rose by about 28.7%, in 2015 operating income rose 269%, mainly because of the surge of the premium income. 
The two insurance companies operating condition is also in 2015, is a microcosm of the insurance industry, new article "ten" in the insurance and bank interest rates down such as background, the insurance industry achieved great development. China peace (601318) has just been released annual report also shows that its 2015 net profit attributable to the parent company shareholders of 54.203 billion yuan, up 38.0% from a year earlier. From the point of division of the net profit, in 2015, ping an life insurance business net profit of about 18.99 billion yuan, up 21% from a year earlier. Property insurance business net profit of about 12.52 billion yuan, up 42.2% from a year earlier. 
"Listed insurance companies is expected to 2015 new business value increased by 32%, the group embedded value growth of 20%, net profit growth of 35%, net growth rate of 17%." Cicc research reports. 
Investment rate at a record high 
High-speed growth of the premium, coupled with a high risk venture investment yields, makes the insurance company's performance is particularly bright eye in 2015. 
In 2015, tianan insurance investment rate of 8.15%, increased by 7.31% than 7.31% in 2014. Tianan insurance in terms of rights and interests of investment, investment Banks only (601166) shares a has brought more than 200 million yuan. Early last year, it holds 144 million shares at societe generale, societe generale shares held by the reporting period to sell about 7.52 million shares, to the end of last year, societe generale shares about 137 million shares. During the reporting period, the west water societe generale shares received 77.8659 million yuan of share out bonus, sell stock returns of about 137 million yuan, all accounted for as current profit. 
In risk information and use other areas, in 2015, tianan insurance as a limited partner also subscribed to a number of equity funds of the partnership enterprise priority share, its new investment funds of the partnership enterprise including Shanghai hui yoga equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), Beijing and ling hui xin equity funds (limited partnership), Ming stone letter to equity funds and Beijing center (limited partnership), the above three investment involving 2.5 billion yuan of insurance funds, respectively, the total is 7.5 billion yuan. 
China's ping an insurance funds in 2015, 7.8% of the total investment yields were 5.1% 5.1% in 2014 to promote. "Optimize the investment structure of insurance funds, equity asset allocation keep flexibility, appropriate in the circumstances of interest rates downward layout fixed-income asset class in advance." China peace talks about investment strategy. 
From the point of investment allocation, in 2015, China's ping an's fixed income investments accounted for 77.7%, of equity investment accounted for 16.2%, cash and cash equivalents accounts for 4.6%, 1.5% investment property. 
Overall, last year the domestic bond market and significantly expanded, issuing interest rate significantly decreased, under the background of the domestic stock market swings, seize the opportunity of insurance funds, achieved good performance. 
More than 10 listed companies to the layout of insurance 
Since this year, listed companies of insurance investment layout enthusiasm unabated. According to the announcement of listed companies, so far, more than 10 listed companies this year plan in insurance company. 
Zoomlion (000157) late yesterday, according to the announcement the company draft gives priority to the sponsors, use no more than $240 million of its own funds and other enterprises jointly established Thai bond property insurance co., LTD., the holding less than 20%. Big city (600094) has also released a statement, said its wholly owned subsidiary city in fujian province as one of the sponsors, to 350 million yuan, with their own money and gansu province highway aviation tourism investment group co., LTD., as the main sponsor and combined several units, common property insurance limited liability company established Yellow River; City fujian stake of 14%, as the second largest shareholder. 
And have to mau group guohua life of the day, also is planning to increase the balance of insurance investment. Days mau group recently released increases the plan, said its plans to raise more than $9.5 billion, not buy axa balance 40.75% stake, and capital increase of guohua life and repay bank loans. Analysts believe that if the scheme by, day mau group will hold the balance 50% stake, guohua life 51% stake, became a holding's group life insurance and insurance license plates. 
At the same time, according to the China insurance regulatory commission chairman xiang junbo, at present the circ queuing licenses for the insurance company has nearly 200, suggests that social capital outlook on the development of the insurance industry is full of confidence. Insurance relationship between countries, however, the allocation of financial resources and financial security, the insurance market access, circ very carefully. This year, chang property insurance limited liability company planning application was rejected by the circ.