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Meanwhile, the country's finance available funds closely tracking the latest hot spots and trends, in-depth study of industrial economy, to provide professional investment advice and market research and analysis, to take the lead, investment and financing services to customers to provide strong support.

Company news

  • 04-012016

    The listed company "must" to see results West water don't sell cement shares sell insurance

    So far, this year has more than 10 listed companies announced plans in the insurance company  Appearance gradually along with the annual reports of listed companies, some radical transformation to the insurance company or insurance should b...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    HOME LINK continuous arguments to avoid capital flow to the industry: the brief

    HOME LINK argue "guarantee" instead of white  Because of Revelations about the illegal conduct financial business, HOME LINK once falling in public opinion. Recently, HOME LINK public apology and successive response to the question, a focus...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Deer says the funding gap in 300 million yuan Investors lack of confidence

    Late March 31, deer goods line the latest announcement, said after the emergency communication with fast deer group communication learned that the funding gap in 300 million yuan. And said fast deer group has a clear commitment, will provide a total ...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Last year, the global fund, a "gold" Almost a third

    Morning star 22 independent investment research institutions, according to the latest report released last year a total of 949 billion dollars money into mutual funds and exchange traded products (ETPs), from 2014, $1.4 trillion into the scale plunge...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Last year net profit growth of 40% in tianjin of China re bombings have an impact on business

    China reinsurance (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China re") recently released 2015 annual earnings.  Data show that the re 2015 annual net profit of 7.675 billion yuan, up 40.2%; The weighted average return on equity of 12....【MORE】

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