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Industry news

  • 04-012016

    Long to wealth redemption dilemma: suspected of financing associated enterprises

    Last week, claims management, assets of 20 billion yuan in Shanghai to asset management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "wealth") into a redemption dilemma.  In the 21st century economic reporter learned that, the police have to ...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Circ intensive ticket Enhance the matter later

    As the insurance industry recently let go of the business, circ regulation of things after the event is also enhanced. Recently, the China insurance regulatory commission will be the scene of the multiple continuous release check briefing, been repo...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Shanghai branch Banks bank employees involved in the illegal fund-raising heavy penalties

    For bank staff involved in illegal fund-raising violation behavior, such as regulatory authorities in strict regulation and high pressure blow at the same time, and introduced the related measures to prevent, request to further strengthen internal c...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Shanghai first set of maximum mortgage rates preferential discount Guangzhou for 8.5 fold

    As Shanghai, shenzhen housing policy adjustment, has emerged yesterday, said Banks in Shanghai will be the first set of mortgage interest rate adjustment to the lowest discount, reporter survey found that guangzhou first mortgage interest rates rema...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Action travel retail business contribution last year nearly half profit investment banking

    China merchants bank's transcript published in 2015, rose by 15.71% last year, the total assets of 5.47 trillion; Implement the business income is 201.471 billion yuan, rose 21.47%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of 57.696 billion, or 3.19%...【MORE】

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