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Finance school

  • 04-012016

    The s&p: bank rising non-performing assets should be alert to real estate loan risk

    In Beijing international credit rating agency standard &poor's 3, points out that the profitability of China's banking sector is under marketization of interest rates, rising non-performing assets, and local government debt replacement of multip...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    The China banking regulatory commission people: unified adjustment loans than policy needs further consideration

    As bank defective rate rising gradually, the recent rumours have bank to the China banking regulatory commission suggested that relaxed about dial the regulation rules, the China banking regulatory commission relevant personage to respond that the c...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    At the end of the commercial bank defective rate 1.59% have anticipation banking regulatory commission (CBRC) said

    (November 4) yesterday, deputy director of the China banking regulatory commission policy research Liao Yuanyuan in "China banking inventory" twelfth five-year "outlook" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "" said at a news conference, a...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Push the marketization of interest rate to promote private capital into the banking industry under the state council

    Banking regulatory commission (CBRC) said: the bank's profit growth is positive, the provision for coverage is still higher than 150% under the condition of more percentage points, unified adjustment loans than such a policy, may need further consid...【MORE】

  • 04-012016

    Life insurance premiums high growth trend The life of peace sale member number

    Insurance regulatory commission on March 24, 1-2 month insurance statistics released the report, according to life insurance premiums to maintain strong growth momentum, the income of 680.075 billion yuan, up 61.84% from a year earlier. Look from th...【MORE】

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