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Purchase country attaches great importance to fund research on the fundamental role of investment promotion and gradually build and improve the investment research system, which trained a large number of outstanding research talent. We have hundreds of professional financial investment planner, closely tracking the latest hot spots and financial developments, the first time to understand industry trends, market potential financial opportunities for mining, long-term wealth accumulation customers escort.

Financial analysis

  • 04-052016

    "Three barrels of oil" profit compression reform or a broken tool

    Under the influence of international oil prices continued to fall, the Chinese oil companies profit squeeze inevitably. As China petrochemical 2015 results on 29th evening, "three barrels of oil" annual report last year, all the ability to make mone...【MORE】

  • 04-052016

    Monetary easing outlook is still optimistic

    In the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected sword always hung in the background, the yuan against the dollar since march again remain stable, and had surged nearly 6.45. It is important to note that despite the recent international financ...【MORE】

  • 04-052016

    Negative short-term pressure stack bond market

    Enter since late march, the bond market long side yields represent the upward move, 10-year Treasury yields upward more than 6 basis points, 10 years CDB debt upward nearly 15 basis points, has been previously stable primary market bidding enthusias...【MORE】

  • 04-052016

    The bond market triumphantly after way

    In the real economy and financial markets of various factors under the combined action, rapid expansion of bond financing in China last year, become the real economy in addition to bank loans for the second channel. The rapid advances in the bond ma...【MORE】

  • 04-052016

    Bond jumpy Market for a long time

    Always have a friend recently asked me for bond, ask will there be a bubble, I think the market fluctuations or will increase, but after short-term volatility is likely to be bullish again.  Bond interest rates downward is the long-term ec...【MORE】

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